I am a creative based in Stockholm with a passion for paper, communication and concepts.

A brand has a soul, a history and is one of the biggest assets a company has. The way other people perceive your brand relates to its appearance which, coupled with a voice and behaviour, builds an identity. A brand with a high level of recognition does not come free of charge. That is why it is important to focus on both the soft and hard values, and to do that you always need to be goal-oriented. A powerful brand grows, and it is something you deserve.

For me, design is about satisfying a need or finding a solution to a problem. It can also relate to reinforcing and structuring internal communication in a company or an organization.

Design should never just be a surface to be decorated. Never. Initially, my work is designed to get to know your company, in order to portray it fairly. Whether it is a question of giving shape to your visual identity or creating an invitation card to your company’s 100 year celebration, we have a common goal. An open, frank dialogue to find a clear purpose which will aid us in making the right decisions throughout the process. And find our way to achieving a flawless result.

I have a drive to create something genuine. Something which changes and can help a company, and its people, grow and develop. And I know that beautiful, personal things are made by hand.

I offer

  • Creative direction

  • Business and branding strategy

  • Concept design

  • Web design

  • Visual identities

  • Business cards

  • Package design

  • Personal letterhead and envelopes

  • Invitation cards

  • Books

  • Naming

  • Copywriting

  • Research studies

  • Lectures and workshops